The Albatross (3)

Silhouetted against many shades of blue,

above the drumming of the tide,

high on the thermals, it rides the winds,

in solitary flight, it soars and glides.


It scoops the surface of the sea,

with beak that skims, the surf that sings,

searching for the bounty that lies,

amidst the spray, with switch blade wings.


Its youngster waits on the distant shore,

for its catch of sandeels, squid and fish,

but this majestic glider’s sadly caught,

a poisonous, noxious and toxic dish.


Waiting patiently, with its beak aloft,

there is no promise of a bright tomorrow,

it’s fed a meal of plastic bottle tops,

we should hang our heads in sorrow.


This plastic waste from all our nations,

is carefully fed, from beak to beak,

to fill its belly and then cause starvation,

the future of this chick is bleak.


Every minute we dump a garbage truck

of plastic into, our oceans deep,

on currents it collects and spins, this muck,

our casual indifference, should make us weep.


We watch as they swoop to catch their prey

and soar above the mess we’ve made,

oblivious to those that we slay,

and mindless of those we’ve betrayed.


This then should be, our wake up call,

and for us to recognise the dreadful effects,

of our disregard, as we watch their downfall,

the albatross is around our collective necks.


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