The Abseil

Spider Man

There was the sense of anticipation, in the air that day,

as they all waited, with, raised eyes,

under the Humber Bridge, in the wind they stood,

beneath the cold autumnal skies.


Gulls in their numbers, swirled over their heads,

silhouetted again the pale skyline,

as they watched from above, this unusual event,

that would soon make the news headlines.


Suddenly, there were, gasps from the crowd,

as Spider Man came into view,

over the side of the bridge he appeared,

dressed in his costume of red and blue.


The wind tugged at the wires, as he began his descent,

accompanied by his wife at his side,

just feet apart, they slowly dropped,

as his daughters watched on with pride.


The crowd then all cheered, as they reached the ground,

followed by, a Hip Hip Hooray!

There was laughter as their harnesses were unclipped

on this unusual Family Fun Day.


He’s my hero Dad,’ a little girl said,

as she watched him come down though the air

He’s amazing Dad,’ and she clutched his hand,

with her wide eyes, fixed in a stare.


This feat would have challenged any able bodied man,

but this Spider Man has Motor Neurone Disease,

when asked by the crowd, who’d assembled below,

he said, ‘It was just a breeze!’


Spider Man’s name is Jason Liversidge,

who is a man that is truly exceptional,

this was just another of his daring feats,

that is nothing short of incredible.


The collections went around, to raise the funds,

for this most terrible, cruel condition

and also for the Yorkshire Fire Fighter crew,

who helped bring Jason’s dream to fruition.


But it doesn’t stop here, as he now has plans

to be the fastest in a wheelchair,

he aims to speed, as quick as the wind

and we will all, most certainly be there!


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