‘Fall’ underwater


The rain was unrelenting as the roads became rivers,

the green space now concrete, it had nowhere to drain,

with wetlands paved over and neighbourhoods sprawling

with their asphalt walkways across the flood plains.


The rain was unrelenting, it was difficult to fathom,

in a city that had grown through developers’ greed,

as the tarmac kept spreading around the new buildings

did the Government really not think to take heed.

Falling prey to the financial lure of urban development

allowing its sprawl for only, short term gain,

leaving long term safety in avaricious minds

with no concern at all, for potential storms and rain.


The rain was unrelenting, reservoirs could not cope

and with failure to shore up Harris County’s coastline,

the water grew deeper as homes were flooded

and overnight Houston became the world’s headlines.


The rain was unrelenting, as properties were left empty,

with life threatening floods, as water continued to rise,

a situation, catastrophic and completely unprecedented,

the population of the fourth city, looked up at the skies.


The rain was unrelenting, in the world’s greatest nation,

was it a message, that from which, we all should learn,

as scientists predict that this weather should be expected,

as the planet warms up, must be a thought for concern.


The rain was unrelenting and in the glow of the media,

this unparalleled occurrence has hit the world’s news,

to global warming, this may be hard to attribute,

but environmentalists, most certainly have their views.


The rain was relenting as the flood water receded,

then began the search for those loved and lost,

was this then a sign that our climate is changing

and the beginning of a carbon pollution holocaust.


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