MND Global Awareness Day


But he could not hold on to time, but could only watch his decline

and of a cure he would dream, in his world of the silent scream.

And if life then assigned the card, had it given him no regard,

he had been dealt the joker, in life’s great game of poker.

And he walked the road that none would choose, but during this time he did not lose,

the ability to make us all laugh, however painful was his path.

But quickly ‘the beast’ took control, of his body, but not of his soul.

In those short months, when we all cried, his passion for life, never died.

My words are dedicated to those who can look, at the journey they face in their own life book

and with courage they strive, however hard, having been dealt Destinies card.

This beast MND, must be controlled, as more words like this will be told,

of lives within this savage cage, but here now I will leave this page.


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