The Bee All & End All



The Bee All & End All

He said,

Mankind will survive their disappearance for no more than five years

and our continuity depends on the health of our planet and its species,

there are no second chances and when they’re extinct, we’ll watch through tears

when it’s their end and no amount of our empty words and pleas

will bring them back.

Our world will be a very different place.

When the last one dies, will we open our eyes and no longer see

the species that played such a significant role, has left no trace

and within no time, our diet will be so bland, without the industrious bee.

We swallow the fruits of their labour, greedily, without much thought

that every third bite of food we eat, comes as a result of their productivity.

Foolishly, is honey the only gift they give, were we taught,

not that over 4000 vegetables depend on these pollinators activity?

This diligent group, so under threat, should be top of our list,

as without their earnestness we risk, losing all of our plants

that with their chivalrous stripes, they have gently kissed

and we run the danger of silencing their humming chants

in our gardens and flower meadows.

But it doesn’t just stop here.

With no flora to consume with their sustenance, all the beasts that rely

on this food will be affected and will also disappear

and without our intervention, they will also suffer and die.

So up the food chain this will have a knock on effect.

Our cattle used for meat and milk, eat lupins and alfalfa,

both of which depend on the pollination of this flying insect,

so when the last one buzzes its end, will we well up with nostalgia?

Instead we spray our crops freely with neonic pesticides

that are toxic to these creatures, in their coats of blacks and yellows,

as roaming they collect this lethal nectar, to then provide,

honey for their larvae, these foraging little fellows

transport it back to the colony to cause widespread death,

or when exposed to these chemicals, they forget their way back home

and become disoriented and insane and take that one last breath,

whilst their larvae wait for nourishment in the hexagonal honeycomb.

Neonicotinoids increases the effect of the varroa mite,

just 2,000 of them can kill a 30,000 colony

with viruses and disease, then this crab like parasite

is detrimental to the health of the helpful honeybee.

Well,’one asks ‘what can be done to help them in their plight?’

We should support our local farmers who grow organic,

do not use pesticides or chemicals in our gardens to fight

the weeds, leave them and make a colourful border that’s botanic.

Plant through the seasons to provide a year round bee habitat,

keep our lawns longer for shelter, don’t just cut our grass

in parts. These steps are small but will help us all combat

the decline of this, our allies. let’s face it, it’s not a lot to ask.


2 thoughts on “The Bee All & End All

  1. Your words articulate how finite the danger and destruction of our new population is and what this is for humankind. They eloquently illustrate how we rely on them for our food chain a d the very garments that we wear. We need to do something now to protect our black and yellow bee species from extinction.


  2. Well said and educational. I didn’t know that 4000 vegetables relied on bees to pollinate them and that “Neonicotinoids increase the effect of the Varroa mite”. Bees worldwide pollinate most forms of plant and vegetable life and to me it seems along time since I heard the sound of summer, ” a bush, shrub or flower humming in the sun”


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