Heads Together


Just because you can’t see something is wrong,

because on the outside, a person looks strong,

doesn’t mean that everything on the inside is fine,

they’re maybe trying to hide any outward sign.

One in four people in the UK each year,

will suffer a condition that society fears,

it carries a stigma, it’s called Mental Health,

and it can creep up slowly with it’s insidious stealth.

It can destroy entire families and end people’s lives,

as into one’s life, it silently arrives,

regardless of age, gender or race,

with its secret, deceptive and noiseless embrace.

And as people suffer and are afraid to admit

and fear the prejudice, to be told they’re unfit,

so quietly endure their pain on their own

and live their lives, sad, lost and alone.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry,

are spearheading a campaign, that they hope will carry,

changes to societies, national perception,

about this condition and its ghastly deception.

They are keen to build on the great work that’s taking place

across the UK and are keen to erase,

the stigma attached to this silent condition

and with their involvement, have made it their mission.

In partnership with Charities with much knowledge,

have made it their goal and also they pledge

to enable society to realise it’s not wrong

and have used as a springboard, London’s Marathon

to heighten awareness and raise vital cash,

as through London’s streets, the runners did dash.

There are lots of ways, we can all get involved,

to ensure our nation’s perception’s dissolved.

For all who are interested, you can take a look

at ‘live’ conversations on Twitter and Facebook

and other media platforms, there’s news on their feeds

about how we can help, there’s plenty to read.

There are events going on throughout the UK,

which we can help with, if just for a day,

so let’s put our ‘Heads Together’ in this race

to make our society a more caring place.


2 thoughts on “Heads Together

  1. Once again CA Warren-Howles has cleverly highlighted, in rhyme, a condition that at sometime in our lives will affect most of us to some extent. I’m sure that we, if not affected ourselves, know someone close to us that is or has been affected, and it has a profound affect on, not only those with the condition, but on those near and dear for ,in some cases, years or even decades.


  2. Your words once more bring into perspective the misery the subject of mental health and how society seeks to hide this from many. Now is the time to raise the profile of mental health and how this must be dealt with in kindness and empathy.


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