100 Years


With its familiar sound and computerised voice

                              he said,

I believe the increasing risk of being wiped out

                             is high.’

The renowned theoretical physicist with brilliant brain in

                             his head

said, ‘Disaster, sudden nuclear war or asteroid strike from

                                  the sky,

   or climate change, a genetically engineered virus and

                              over population,

could mean Humankind has no future if we don’t forge new life

                                        in space.

With technological possibilities of plasma rockets and

                           human hibernation,

we have about 100 years if we want to survive, we need

                                 to embrace

 the ability to free ourselves from the constraints of a

                            dying planet,

or we will watch its cataclysmic end as we continue

                            to devour

       the resources from this ball of basalt rock

                          and granite,

         our mass extinction grows closer hour

                             by hour.

       Mother Earth is ending our tenancy and

                           calling time.

We humans are fundamental particles of nature, a

                        mere collection,

    the unsustainable rate at which we plunder

                           is a crime,

           is this the final preparation before

                           our rejection?

       But we will not be able to establish yet or

                             self sustain,

   colonies in space for approximately 100 years

                               at least,

 therefore we should be so careful in this period

                              and refrain

from our continued aggressive behaviour, it should

                                be ceased.

Coupled with the fast pace of technological growth we

                            may obliterate

      ourselves by nuclear or biological war and our

                            impending doom,

for all nations to form one world government’s too late,

                                     our fate

is becoming increasingly precarious, may this planet not become

                                        our tomb.

The development of Artificial Intelligence could spell

                                     the end,

           the daunting challenge for us is two fold as

                                      we create,

technology to enable us to leave our earth behind and

                                 to ascend,

              the peril that may be unleashed as


We’re already developing battlefield robots to make the

                            killing decision,

     without the need for humans being involved in

                                  the loop,

how long before a thinking machine masters and has

                                the vision

to become self protective and leave humankind out of

                                its group.

         So depart we must with this current rise

                               in robotics

           as humans we are limited by our slow

                      biological evolution,

         we are responsible for creating the demise

                             of antibiotics

              and our hopeless ability to end

                          our pollution.

     Let us hope we have time enough for science

                               to achieve,

 the ability for our species to escape this world and

                               to address,

    the daunting challenge ahead of us as we plan

                                    to leave.

The countdown’s started, Farewell Mother Earth, sorry for

                                     the mess.’


2 thoughts on “100 Years

  1. The words are so true and if we are not careful the march of AI may soon see us as worthless and no longer required as a contribution. So much is at stake for our kind and that of our planet.

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  2. Depressing but true. We have all but annihilated ourselves in a fraction of the time the dinosaurs became extinct. We, the human race, will not even survive long enough to see artificial intelligence take us over and the inevitable end of this speck of dust, as it is enveloped by the sun. If we somehow, managed to colonise another planet with the help of A I we would probably continue to trash our new home with equal disdain.

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