Earth Day

Earth image

Earth Day

After a devastating oil spill in 1969,

it prompted a US Senator in Wisconsin to raise

public awareness of our planet’s decline

and a day was then set for American’s to praise

and honour the world and celebrate its worth

and give inspiration to all future generations

by recognising the fragility of our Mother Earth

and now it’s observed by a hundred odd nations.

In 1970 upon the streets of the States,

20 million people throughout this great land,

held organised protests to demonstrate

against the planet’s atrophy. We should all understand

the threat that we cause was their plea.

By the end of the year, the first Earth Day had led

to the creation of the US Environment agency

with its passage for clean air and thinking ahead.

In 1990 Earth Day went worldwide

and lifted environmental issues on to the stage

and now we know more, it’s up to us to decide

how we protect our world in this age.

Education is the very foundation for progress

as we look towards our future and how changes affect

our livelihood. We must embrace and address

and not ignore the signs and neglect

how instrumental our role on this place we call ours

with its summer and autumn and winter and spring

and value our wildlife, our trees and our flowers

as the seasons rotate and with them they bring

their changes in climate, from hot to cold

and nature provides us food for us all,

as we watch the colours change from green, red to gold

and with it the sunshine and breezes and rainfall.

So this day reminds us that we have to protect

our home and provider and look after her well,

like planting of trees with the ‘Canopy Project’

and spend time enjoying the place that we dwell.

We should get outside and relish the fresh air,

maybe go to the coast and clean up our shores

by collecting the plastic and show her we care,

to ensure our children can value the great outdoors.


2 thoughts on “Earth Day

  1. Another well observed blog in rhyme by CA Warren-Howles. I feel strongly that not enough people on this tiny fragile rock that we have called home for a few hundred thousand years, has a limit to it’s ability to repair itself from the disdain man has shown it. Life on Earth has a limited life span, so surely we should show it some respect with the time that , we, life on Earth has left.


  2. Your words reflect what humankind continues to enact on mother earth. We must all take responsibility for the damage that we have done and continue to do and this must stop. We all gave a collective responsibility to our planet and for future generations. As a famous US president said ” A nation that destroys its soul destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our planet, purifying the air.

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