Real or Fake?

Real or Fake

Real or fake

From handbags and coats and hooded parka trims

with their soft allure, as they adorn our limbs

and swinging pom poms, on stiletto heels in pink,

so soft and elegant, it really could be mink.

Warm winter coats, hang on long clothes rails

reduced in price, it’s the end of season sales.

Delighted with the purchase, the price was really cheap,

if you knew what they’re made of, it would make you weep.

Three leading retailers, it was announced yesterday,

are selling real fur items, throughout the UK.

They have all claimed, that they thought it was faux

and how it entered their supply chains, they really don’t know.

They said they’d take action and remove the product

and will certainly investigate, any possible misconduct.

Animal rights groups have said, shoppers are being misled,

as they think they’re buying faux, but it’s real fur instead.

Nine out of ten people refuse to buy fur, a survey has found,

but did you know a strip of raccoon fur costs as little as a pound?

The problem has arisen, because of trade in the far east,

but the cheaper the better, they couldn’t care in the least.

Raccoons have many litters, all from just one pair,

and are kept in conditions and denied veterinary care.

They are being mass farmed and often alive they are skinned,

for their soft dense pelts and then their carcasses are binned.

The grim reality is, that real fur can be produced

more cheaply than fake, it has been deduced.

Fur farms have been banned in the UK since 2003,

but this current situation, we did not foresee.

So if you are not sure, if your garment is real,

test to see if inside it’s stiff to the feel,

or look for fibres, that taper at their ends,

this is the advice, that PETA recommends.

But if when you’re shopping, you are really still unsure,

avoid buying at all and just do not procure,

as when shops feel, a drop in the revenue that they make,

they’ll insist on suppliers, guaranteeing it’s fake.



2 thoughts on “Real or Fake?

  1. This blog raises once more humankind’s inhumanity to defenceless creatures that cannot speak for themselves. One thought the use of real fur for our personal gratification had been stopped. As the blog says the only way to stop this disgusting practice is to not buy their products and stop this awful practice.


  2. CA Warren-Howles raises again another issue of our time, in rhyme, that highlights the grisly demand for animal products driven by the far east, from Rhino horn, Elephant tusks to animal fur. Another issue is the animal rights activists releasing mink that is now killing our own wildlife. The only reason, in the past, was to show how much money the animal fur cost, now a deeply arrogant and disturbing reason.


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