The Scottish Referendum x 2

Scottish Referendum x 2 Sturgeon

So Scotland’s First Minister has called for a second poll

And claims that she speaks for the country as a whole

She argues that she will help give people the choice

To become independent and they will have a voice

In deciding their future as a separate nation

It is her intention, with her complete fixation.

But Theresa May says Sturgeon has tunnel vision

And is playing games with her decision

And should focus on delivering a good Government

As to split the countries, will cause discontent

And her dream of Scotland, having its own identity

Could end up making the UK a non-entity

But the SNP are convinced there should be a vote

Before Westminster sinks both their ship and lifeboat

That circumstances have changed since the last referendum

And the Scottish now wish for a different outcome.

But May and Sturgeon appear set for a bitter fight

As they both believe that they each are right

But Scotland spends £127.00 for each £100.00 raised

in taxes and it should therefore make them all dazed

With the thought of an austerity programme in the West

Are the populace really up for the test?

As their deficit in the developed world is worst

They should consider this before jumping in head first

They want to give the impression they can control their fate

And stay in the EU before it’s too late

But the EU doesn’t necessarily see it this way

As this may spark and cause other countries to sway

apart from the Union, possibly Catalonia in Spain

And the European idea, will go down the drain

Sturgeon when questioned, thinks they’ll use the pound

But all major parties think this idea is unsound

And why therefore should not the rest of the UK

Also have a ballot and people have their say?

As even though Scotland’s population is small

The decision they make will affect us all

So should the UK be allowed to drift apart

Isn’t solidarity our essence and our heart

Isn’t staying united, the surest solution

And stop all these cries of devolution

The atmosphere’s turning increasingly sour

As the fragmented UK starts to lose its power.

The truth is simple, Scotland decided to stay

Part of the Union when they voted that day

The UK then voted from the EU to leave

Did Sturgeon at that point have plans up her sleeve

As she marches her party to the top of the hill

Will the Scottish people submit to the SNP’s will?


2 thoughts on “The Scottish Referendum x 2

  1. Absolutely the point. Sturgeon seems hell bent on breaking up the union, and to hell with the consequences. The UK has great strength and negotiating power in the global arena, without Scotland, it would be slightly weaker without Scotland’s oil, but with weak oil prices and increasing alternative energy sources, Scotland would be very vulnerable without the rest of the UK. Well highlighted in rhyme by CA Warren- Howles.


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