The Scottish Referendum x 2

Scottish Referendum x 2 Sturgeon

So Scotland’s First Minister has called for a second poll

And claims that she speaks for the country as a whole

She argues that she will help give people the choice

To become independent and they will have a voice

In deciding their future as a separate nation

It is her intention, with her complete fixation.

But Theresa May says Sturgeon has tunnel vision

And is playing games with her decision

And should focus on delivering a good Government

As to split the countries, will cause discontent

And her dream of Scotland, having its own identity

Could end up making the UK a non-entity

But the SNP are convinced there should be a vote

Before Westminster sinks both their ship and lifeboat

That circumstances have changed since the last referendum

And the Scottish now wish for a different outcome.

But May and Sturgeon appear set for a bitter fight

As they both believe that they each are right

But Scotland spends £127.00 for each £100.00 raised

in taxes and it should therefore make them all dazed

With the thought of an austerity programme in the West

Are the populace really up for the test?

As their deficit in the developed world is worst

They should consider this before jumping in head first

They want to give the impression they can control their fate

And stay in the EU before it’s too late

But the EU doesn’t necessarily see it this way

As this may spark and cause other countries to sway

apart from the Union, possibly Catalonia in Spain

And the European idea, will go down the drain

Sturgeon when questioned, thinks they’ll use the pound

But all major parties think this idea is unsound

And why therefore should not the rest of the UK

Also have a ballot and people have their say?

As even though Scotland’s population is small

The decision they make will affect us all

So should the UK be allowed to drift apart

Isn’t solidarity our essence and our heart

Isn’t staying united, the surest solution

And stop all these cries of devolution

The atmosphere’s turning increasingly sour

As the fragmented UK starts to lose its power.

The truth is simple, Scotland decided to stay

Part of the Union when they voted that day

The UK then voted from the EU to leave

Did Sturgeon at that point have plans up her sleeve

As she marches her party to the top of the hill

Will the Scottish people submit to the SNP’s will?


A Field Hospital in Mosul


A Day in a Field Hospital in Mosul

An armoured car, hurtles through eastern Mosul at speed

It veers passed fleeing civilians and sounds its horn

And screeches to a halt, as the wounded bleed

And are dragged inside, where their clothes are torn

From broken bodies, from the mortar attack

And the masonry dust, has turned soldiers white

These are the first casualties, in war torn Iraq

As another day dawns, in this bloodied fight

A mortar, a mortar, my boy!’ a woman cries

And bloodied chunks of hair, from his head are cut

Whilst a middle aged man, on a camp bed dies

As his intestines, bulge and fall from his gut

A teenage girl, with a heavily bandaged face

Is lifted from a car and is rushed inside

And an elderly man, is moved to make space

On to the floor, he lies with wide open eyes

A child sits motionless and wrapped in metalic foil

And watches the chaos around him unfold

A weeping soldier, drags his comrade across the soil

And on to a makeshift bed he is hurriedly rolled

The air is filled with the sound of screaming

As more civilians with blown off limbs arrive

The hospital beds are full and blood is streaming

With supplies so short, only a few will survive

One soldier lies trembling on a rickety bed

Whilst medics push wadding into a wide tear

The wound is deep upon his head

His comrade sits by him with a blank stare

He whispers words of comfort and lights a cigarette

As the blood drips into pools on to the floor

This is a scene he will never forget

Even though he’s seen this many times before

A man shouts for dressings, but his friend is dead

His foot protrudes from beneath soiled sheets

He was shot by ISIS, as they fled

Through western Mosul’s winding streets

As fast as doctors can work, they still appear

With casualties, there’s no time for those who’ve died

And drips running out of saline, they now fear

More will die, however hard they have tried

The flow of the injured ceases with the setting sun

And the hospital falls silent, as they set alight

Bloodied bandages, another day is gone

They hope that it will be quiet tonight

But tomorrow will be just another day

Whilst the fighting continues, as people still flee

From Jihadists, whose only aim is to slay

Families as they escape through Mosul’s debris





The Cobalt Miners of the Congo

The Cobalt Miners of the Congominers

It was still dark, as dawn started to break

The rain fell, as he stepped outside

The air smelt dank, he shook himself awake

Stretched his limbs and opened eyes wide

He yawned as he started his two mile walk

With no shoes and his trousers were torn.

His friend then appeared, but they did not talk

They had no food and their clothes were worn.

In the distance they saw, large mounds of soil

Scarring the landscape, with their browns and reds.

They were here to begin another day of toil

They held hands together and lowered their heads

A group they approached, were picking through stones

Whilst others carried large bags on their backs

Some were so young and as thin as bones

And they sat in the mud, filling wet sacks.

They’d never been to school, or owned a football

Watched a television or played a video game

Instead they got down on their knees to crawl

To collect dirty nuggets, was their aim.

The tunnels were narrow and had been dug by hand

They had no supports and were prone to collapse

They went down deep, right under the land

But they were small enough, to get through the gaps.

A child of four, then started to cry

Get back to work’ shouted a man

A large group of children, who dug nearby

Said ‘Let’s shovel as fast as we can.’

They were digging for as little as eight pence a day

In dangerous conditions, not knowing why

All they knew was, that they needed the pay

To buy some food, or else they would die.

Above on the surface, they were collecting cobalt

Waist deep in water and shivering with cold

Dirty and wretched, for the world to exalt

The latest technologies, that sell like gold.

They didn’t know their roles, in the sprawling supply chain

With their broken headed hammers and metal spades

In helping huge corporations with their ill-gotten gain

And supplying minerals to the multinational trades.

There are thousands of unregulated, unmonitored mines

Where men, women and children, work as slaves

As they toil for our phones, in deep dark confines

Whilst others die in the rubble, that are their graves.

They work in conditions that produce clouds of dust

That cause serious long term problems, to their health

Whilst the rest of us clutch, gadgets, we feel we must

Rush out and purchase with our wealth.

In stark contrast, to our glamorous shop displays

People are working in tunnels beneath the rock

Where they sleep at night and toil in their days

If we could just see them, we’d all be in shock.

Millions enjoy the benefits of new technology

But very rarely even ask how its made.

There is sometimes the occasion, when there’s an apology

As we recognise the absolute greed of this trade.

Amnesty International, found no country legally require

Firms to publicly report their cobalt supply

So companies continue therefore to acquire

This element for use, its all too easy to deny.

The abuses of mines, which remain out of sight

There are no regulations of this global need

So these people remain, sadly in their plight

As they dig with their hands, until they bleed.

It’s a major paradox, that in this digital time

The most innovative companies, still can sell

Technological devices, it’s an absolute crime

Acquiring materials without having to tell,

How these components were sourced at the very start

And how many people risk their lives for our wares

It’s up to these multinationals to show some heart

And get involved and change these dreadful affairs.

Companies must not just stop their relationship

With a supplier, if human rights risks have been found

But remedial action and taking real ownership

For the harm suffered by those underground.

Ten grams are needed, for a smartphone

And ten to twenty pounds for a car

It’s an ounce for a laptop, it is now known

But instead we all look from afar.

The worry in how it’s mined, is no concern

So do we let it continue, knowing the harm

Posed for those people, will we ever learn

Surely we should look on with alarm.

Finally they finished, all muddy and starving

No food had they eaten all day

But back home in England, our batteries are charging

What else is really left to say.

So tired though the mud, they walked side by side

The long two mile walk back to sleep

Hungry and dirty and totally denied

Money to pay for their keep.