The Fiasco that stunned Hollywood

The Fiasco that stunned Hollywood.  lala

And the Academy Award for Best Picture is…La La Land’

Said Warren Beatty, with the wrong card in his hand

The audience cheered, whilst the entire cast stepped

On stage with smiles and tears, to accept

Their Oscar, for their colourful piece of work

And the gathered crowd, went berserk

And the producers, thanked all those involved

And the media’s cameras revolved

Around the theatre and caught smiling faces

For less than a minute, before there were traces

Of confusion, when slowly the bad mistake

Was recognised and Horowitz had to break

The news that in fact Moonlight, had won

Just as their celebrations, had begun

There was commotion, as he held up the card

And tell the assembled, to discard

Them as winners, it was actually Moonlight

And Beatty’s announcement, was not right

He said, that this, was indeed no joke

As on to the stage, stepped the winning folk

We’ve lost Best Picture, you’ve won, you guys’

But the production crew and actors, could not disguise

Their terrible disappointment, as Jenkins said

Things like this happen,’ Beatty hung his head.

La La Land crew, were gracious and kind

As their expected trophy, was reassigned

To the rightful winners, of the award

But their grief and upset, could not be ignored

Price Waterhouse Coopers, have taken the blame

And issued an apology, with the claim

That they will investigate, what really went wrong

In selecting the incorrect winners of the Golden Gong

We must feel sad for those in La la land

And how things got so out of hand

But two movies now, are linked in Oscar history

Why it happened though, still remains a mystery.


2 thoughts on “The Fiasco that stunned Hollywood

  1. The moment of success snatched away so suddenly. One can only imagine the dismay of the La La land team. How sad they must have felt. No comment from Mr Beattey and PWC have now shouldered the blame. What a travesty.


  2. A dreadful and embarrassing moment that should not have happened with the all the publicity about the security involved. Mr Beatty cannot be blamed for the fiasco, the blame must surely fall at the feet of PWC. The whole cleverly highlighted in rhyme by C A Warren-Howles.


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