The Suffocating Planet

The Suffocating Planetchild

In England’s green and pleasant land

A situation has got out of hand

Air pollution’s reached an all time high

With poisonous, particulates, in our sky

Our filthy air, is now a crisis for health

But this hasn’t crept up with stealth

With our diesel cars and use of fossil fuels

Children are banned, in our schools

From the playgrounds, by the busy roads

Where dirty trucks, with their heavy loads

And idling engines, whilst parents wait

To collect their kids, outside the school gate

Via Public Health England, we’ve been advised

To avoid strenuous activity, or our health’s compromised

As London’s toxic air, has now breached

The legal limits for the year, it reached

Within the first five days of 2017

Nitrogen Dioxide levels, are quite obscene

They’re pollution alerts, at bus stops and roadsides

And river pier stops, as Nitrogen Dioxide

Fills the air, that we all inhale

This requires a solution, on a national scale

Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor’s vision

Has advised, that he, has made a decision

To make London, one of the world’s most clean

And for our future, we must go green

He wants to make, cycling, an easier choice

And introduce clean buses and also to voice

Concerns about Heathrow’s third runway

And to start to bring back, the car free day

He’d like to make the capital, the first National Park City

As to deprive our kids of space, is a real pity

And to use planning powers against Fracking, to prevent

All the pollutants, that with it, are sent

But this is not just a problem for the UK

Other countries, must also have their say

In how we stop, this global pollution

We must work together, to find a solution

Cities in China, environmentalists have fears

That to bring levels down, will take many years

But in Paris, they have already begun to see

That when levels are high, public transport is free

And Freiburg, in Germany, has gone so far

As to forbid, its people, to park a car

And encourage them to use, electric buses to get home

And leave their vehicles, outside the low emission zone

Oslo, is building forty miles of new bike lanes

And authorities in Zurich, are using their brains

By capping the number of parking places

And Helsinki’s converting its ring roads, into green spaces

Delhi is considering, on demand mini buses

Whilst others like Brussels and Dublin, discusses

Plans on banning diesel cars from their highways

Let’s hope this all starts, a great global craze

So we must stop this perverse, fixed incentive

For the purchase of diesel cars and be more inventive

And encourage the use, of alternative means

For our daily transportation, in our machines

And with other measures, we can assist

In helping this planet, where we all exist

It shouldn’t be too hard, to come to grips

With thinking ‘greener’ and consolidate trips

For work or shopping, we could use a car pool

Which would save us money and certainly save fuel

Simple measures, like keeping our car tyres inflated

As carbon emissions are higher, when they’re slightly deflated

We could use cold water, instead of using hot

I agree, this alone, will not be a lot

But if we use, water based paints, means we produce less oil

And we plunder less resource, from the earth’s soil

We should buy, EPA certified, stoves that burn wood

And to reduce, reuse and recycle, which would be good

If current policies carry on, the world will exceed

Levels of greenhouse gases, through our ignorance and greed

And air pollution, will be a bigger killer, than dirty water

And poor sanitation, think of the millions, it slaughters

And our health will be harmed, by each year’s delay

Surely humanity, doesn’t want our children’s children to pay


2 thoughts on “The Suffocating Planet

  1. This blog crystallises the threat that we face from nitrogen polution and the danger that confronts the planet. From pure economic greed we appear to have sacrificed our concern for the planet and our environment. Nitrogen polution has to stop and this blog brings it in perspective for all of us now and our children s children.

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  2. I have first hand experience of the choking smog where ever you go in China. 50 years ago in Los Angeles the sun was obliterated by smog from the big gas guzzling cars’ California has since made moves to clean up it’s act. We must take a lead in Europe and implement every available clean alternative highlighted very cleverly by CA Warren-Howles.


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