Trump On Sweden

Trump on Sweden – (What happened means, last night I was watching…).trump-sweden

Surrounded by his delirious supporters, waving flags

In Campaign mode, in Florida, he stands and brags

Look what happened, in Sweden last night

Who would believe it, they’ve not got it right’

They’re having problems, like they never, ever thought

And the dishonest press, don’t want to report

On what’s going on, they don’t want to tell

What’s actually happening and they’re lying as well’

We’ve just got to keep, our country, real safe

And not just accept, any refugee waif

They’ve let them in, in numbers, look at their crime rate

They come with their ideology, their beliefs and their hate’

But nothing nefarious, happened in Sweden that day

But he got it wrong again, as is Donald Trump’s way

So desperate to sell, his unpopular Muslin ban

He scares people into acceptance, wherever he can

From a Swedish documentary, he obtained his news

And went off script, to voice his views

It was a film, that linked their rise in crime

To their generous migration policy, but no specific time

Was actually mentioned as there was no incident

But this information, was enough for the President

Who thinks his intelligence briefings, comes from the TV

It’s all pretty dangerous, you have to agree

What did really happen, in Sweden last week

Were road closures due to weather, of which the media did speak

And a man from Stockholm, set himself alight

And another was killed, in a workplace fight

A suspected drunk driver, by a police car was chased

And technical problems in rehearsal, a famous singer faced

What’s he been smoking?’ asked the former Prime Minister

It’s certainly ridiculous, and also quite sinister

Asked to produce evidence, about the unreported attack

Trump said ‘I’ll provide a list later, with some feedback’

No terrorist incidents have been reported, since 2013

When their open door policy, was very first seen

He should separate, truth from lies’, said John McCain

And fact from fiction, before he speaks, he should attain’

He must answer himself for his statements, based on what facts

After contradiction after another, intelligence he lacks

Is this an example, of just another fabrication

That seems to be sweeping across this vast nation

Like the invented massacre, at Bowling Green

Cited by an advisor, it’s really quite obscene

Finally Trump claimed, his remark was based

On the Tucker Carlson show, but now he’s disgraced

Himself and his country, that the world sees as so strong

How could he get things, so terribly wrong?


4 thoughts on “Trump On Sweden

  1. Your words illustrate what a dangerous man he is. He really wants to to silence the media and provide his version of events. So really really dangerous and leading the US and the world into a dark place.


  2. A detailed description, cleverly depicted in rhyme, that illustrates what an ignorant man in the ways of the world, he is. I cannot see a “happy ending” for this idiot. I think his “reign” will be short lived, possibly by impeachment or worse.


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