Their Clothes Or Ours? (London Fashion Week)

Their Clothes Or Ours?farmed-fox

The beautiful people, will all be there

And the crowded audience, will gulp and stare

As beguiling bodies, both tall and slim

With swinging hips and long of limb

Strut their stuff, for all to see

And the onlookers, will gasp with glee

As they flaunt designer’s brand new styles

With made up faces and lipstick smiles

White teeth flash and long lashes blink

And on the catwalk, they turn and slink

To change their coats, made of seals

Long enough, to touch their heels

Into stoles of dogs and cats

Along with their fox skin hats

Raccoon tails, adorn leather belts

And soft fur shawls, from rabbit’s pelts

And then the latest trend of all

Is the small mink, tennis ball

Charm, to hang from any bag

Which comes with a pricey tag

This is all in the name of fashion

Do we really have no compassion

For all those animals, in misery confined

Is this the unthinking of mankind?

Fifty million animals, are killed each year

For coats, accessories and head gear

Raised on farms, behind bars they’re trapped

How on earth, can they adapt?

Forced to live, in space so small

Circling around, from wall to wall

Repetitive behaviour, drives them insane

Suffering in silence, with their pain

They chew their limbs, as they pace the floors

With frightened eyes and covered in sores

Until such time, as then they’re killed

And for their fur, their blood is spilled

Or they’re poisoned, or alive they’re skinned

And their innocent carcasses, are just binned

For one fur coat, it needs forty mink

Are we so ignorant and we not think?

Is the fashion industry, so out of touch

They think we all desire, so much

To dress ourselves, with their hide

And wear it with no sin, but pride?

This is not only, just the concern

Of animal activists, we should all learn

That this abhorrent industry, has to be stopped

With archaic attitudes, that must be dropped

There are a few, that have proved their worth

And understand their responsibility on earth

Like Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein

This is not their fashion line

Vivienne Westwood and Armani too

Are welfare conscious, with a view

That to create new designs, for their brand

They need to lead and make a stand

There are others too, I could mention here

That have chosen, to make it clear

That fur free fashion, is the way

Because the innocent, can’t have their say.


3 thoughts on “Their Clothes Or Ours? (London Fashion Week)

  1. The sin and murder that we commit in the name of fashion is abhorrent. We must stop this barbaric cruelty of poor defenceless animals. The words in this blog transmit the pain that is inflicted by mankind and must cease.


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