The Stranded Whales

The Stranded Whaleswhale

It has been recorded, throughout our history

But it still remains a mystery

Why these leviathans, of the deep water

Come to land and then to slaughter

Themselves, as their numbers rise

And we can only watch their demise

As frequently, we witness with concern

Their inability, to return

To deeper waters, to feed

So therefore we should heed

As these beasts, come ashore to perish

And we should then learn, to cherish

These mighty creatures, of our seas

And listen well, to their pleas

Are we responsible, for the cause

As to why they come, close to our shores

Is it due to underwater seismic surveys

And low frequency sounds, that plays

In interfering with their echolocation

Could certainly be, one explanation

Is it the accumulation of our daily waste

That we dispose of, in our haste

And pollutants, chemicals, acids and gas

That brings them ashore, en masse

The US Navy, plans to deploy

Seismic sonar, which may destroy

These animals, that have no notion

In over eighty percent, of their ocean

Or is it changes, to the earth’s magnetic fields

As the pressure, it therefore yields

Upon these disorientated mammals, of the deep

As they follow each other like sheep

Or are our military ships to blame

As they collide and continue to maim

So they come to shore and die

In their numbers, they’re forced to lie

Or are they fleeing, from a shark attack

And these social creatures, follow the pack

If one of their kind, signals distress

Instinct forces them to coalesce

Their water is derived, from their food

Therefore one can also conclude

That if their food, is in short supply

They will dehydrate and woefully die

So whilst it was not rare, at Farewell Spit

We all have to help, you have to admit

As the volunteers, formed a human chain

To encourage them to stay, in their domain

Those who helped, could hear their sighs

And their splashes and their youngsters cries

As on the sloping beach, they lay

Just beyond, the ocean’s spray

So with its long coastline and gentle beach

Their echolocation, did not reach

The object, which was the shoreline

Which would of course, be their sign

To not enter into waters shallow

To just become, decaying tallow

There is no answer, or definite reason

Why this devastation, seen this season

Is down to humans, as is normally the case

Or just the behaviour, of this incredible race.


3 thoughts on “The Stranded Whales

  1. The plight of these creatures is so sad to see. Surely we must acknowledge that something is wrong. Humankind must now look inward for an answer to the sad demise of these fantastic creatures.


  2. It is heart breaking to see this. In some cases it is caused by man, but in this case it could be the topography of the land. The spit of land almost encircles the bay, and possibly the echolocation of the wales cannot seen an exit when they are in shallow water. I wondered if it is possible to create an exit to the sea through the base of the spit.

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  3. I’m inclined to agree with Rod on this one. It is the layout of the land that causes the whales to become confused and once one whale sends out a distress call, the other whales rush to its aid and then we see the tragedy unfold. But I have to add that we live in a selfish, money & political driven world. It breaks my heart to see our precious creatures suffer because of it! And yet again, beautiful words from you Cohl.

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