Severing our ties

Triggering Article 5050

The road ahead for Britain’s unclear

The domino effect we may trigger they fear

For other nations to open the door

No State has left the Union before

So we’ll have a hard time, as we’ve betrayed

Our agreement with them, but our deals in trade

May come after talks with America and Japan

Australia and others, which is the plan

So whilst we have hopes, we also have fears

That the agreements we make, will take many years

Untying the UK, is the easy bit

The future’s uncertain, you’ve got to admit

So whilst Brussels tries to hold the project together

We’re breaking our ties and starting to sever

And forging ourselves a brand new identity

And the world sees us, as a separate identity

But we cannot have talks, with other nations

And agree our trade deals, to build new foundations

These conversations, will not be allowed

Until such time, we’re no longer part of the crowd

Free movement and control of migration

Is one of the reasons why this small nation

Voted for Brexit and controlling our borders

And not having to listen to Brussel’s orders

But Britain doesn’t have a written constitution

Leaving the Government free to decide the solution

Without asking the public, there’s the air of hypocrisy

It’s a matter of old fashioned, British democracy

Going back on our promise, will have repercussions

They’ll be many talks and many discussions

Before Britain’s exposed to more globalization

To reap any benefits for our nation.

So MPs have agreed, to set in motion

Article 50, without any notion

Of the time it may take, to work things through

They voted to trigger, without a real clue

Many may wish, that Britain had stayed

And many will be nervous and may be afraid

It’s a one way street, there’s no turning back

So let’s all hope, we’re on the right track

So do we want to be like Singapore

A global trading hub the Rights will adore

And will Brexit be Thatcher’s revenge

One way or another, we’ll know in the end.


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