The Fiasco that stunned Hollywood

The Fiasco that stunned Hollywood.  lala

And the Academy Award for Best Picture is…La La Land’

Said Warren Beatty, with the wrong card in his hand

The audience cheered, whilst the entire cast stepped

On stage with smiles and tears, to accept

Their Oscar, for their colourful piece of work

And the gathered crowd, went berserk

And the producers, thanked all those involved

And the media’s cameras revolved

Around the theatre and caught smiling faces

For less than a minute, before there were traces

Of confusion, when slowly the bad mistake

Was recognised and Horowitz had to break

The news that in fact Moonlight, had won

Just as their celebrations, had begun

There was commotion, as he held up the card

And tell the assembled, to discard

Them as winners, it was actually Moonlight

And Beatty’s announcement, was not right

He said, that this, was indeed no joke

As on to the stage, stepped the winning folk

We’ve lost Best Picture, you’ve won, you guys’

But the production crew and actors, could not disguise

Their terrible disappointment, as Jenkins said

Things like this happen,’ Beatty hung his head.

La La Land crew, were gracious and kind

As their expected trophy, was reassigned

To the rightful winners, of the award

But their grief and upset, could not be ignored

Price Waterhouse Coopers, have taken the blame

And issued an apology, with the claim

That they will investigate, what really went wrong

In selecting the incorrect winners of the Golden Gong

We must feel sad for those in La la land

And how things got so out of hand

But two movies now, are linked in Oscar history

Why it happened though, still remains a mystery.


The Suffocating Planet

The Suffocating Planetchild

In England’s green and pleasant land

A situation has got out of hand

Air pollution’s reached an all time high

With poisonous, particulates, in our sky

Our filthy air, is now a crisis for health

But this hasn’t crept up with stealth

With our diesel cars and use of fossil fuels

Children are banned, in our schools

From the playgrounds, by the busy roads

Where dirty trucks, with their heavy loads

And idling engines, whilst parents wait

To collect their kids, outside the school gate

Via Public Health England, we’ve been advised

To avoid strenuous activity, or our health’s compromised

As London’s toxic air, has now breached

The legal limits for the year, it reached

Within the first five days of 2017

Nitrogen Dioxide levels, are quite obscene

They’re pollution alerts, at bus stops and roadsides

And river pier stops, as Nitrogen Dioxide

Fills the air, that we all inhale

This requires a solution, on a national scale

Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor’s vision

Has advised, that he, has made a decision

To make London, one of the world’s most clean

And for our future, we must go green

He wants to make, cycling, an easier choice

And introduce clean buses and also to voice

Concerns about Heathrow’s third runway

And to start to bring back, the car free day

He’d like to make the capital, the first National Park City

As to deprive our kids of space, is a real pity

And to use planning powers against Fracking, to prevent

All the pollutants, that with it, are sent

But this is not just a problem for the UK

Other countries, must also have their say

In how we stop, this global pollution

We must work together, to find a solution

Cities in China, environmentalists have fears

That to bring levels down, will take many years

But in Paris, they have already begun to see

That when levels are high, public transport is free

And Freiburg, in Germany, has gone so far

As to forbid, its people, to park a car

And encourage them to use, electric buses to get home

And leave their vehicles, outside the low emission zone

Oslo, is building forty miles of new bike lanes

And authorities in Zurich, are using their brains

By capping the number of parking places

And Helsinki’s converting its ring roads, into green spaces

Delhi is considering, on demand mini buses

Whilst others like Brussels and Dublin, discusses

Plans on banning diesel cars from their highways

Let’s hope this all starts, a great global craze

So we must stop this perverse, fixed incentive

For the purchase of diesel cars and be more inventive

And encourage the use, of alternative means

For our daily transportation, in our machines

And with other measures, we can assist

In helping this planet, where we all exist

It shouldn’t be too hard, to come to grips

With thinking ‘greener’ and consolidate trips

For work or shopping, we could use a car pool

Which would save us money and certainly save fuel

Simple measures, like keeping our car tyres inflated

As carbon emissions are higher, when they’re slightly deflated

We could use cold water, instead of using hot

I agree, this alone, will not be a lot

But if we use, water based paints, means we produce less oil

And we plunder less resource, from the earth’s soil

We should buy, EPA certified, stoves that burn wood

And to reduce, reuse and recycle, which would be good

If current policies carry on, the world will exceed

Levels of greenhouse gases, through our ignorance and greed

And air pollution, will be a bigger killer, than dirty water

And poor sanitation, think of the millions, it slaughters

And our health will be harmed, by each year’s delay

Surely humanity, doesn’t want our children’s children to pay

Trump On Sweden

Trump on Sweden – (What happened means, last night I was watching…).trump-sweden

Surrounded by his delirious supporters, waving flags

In Campaign mode, in Florida, he stands and brags

Look what happened, in Sweden last night

Who would believe it, they’ve not got it right’

They’re having problems, like they never, ever thought

And the dishonest press, don’t want to report

On what’s going on, they don’t want to tell

What’s actually happening and they’re lying as well’

We’ve just got to keep, our country, real safe

And not just accept, any refugee waif

They’ve let them in, in numbers, look at their crime rate

They come with their ideology, their beliefs and their hate’

But nothing nefarious, happened in Sweden that day

But he got it wrong again, as is Donald Trump’s way

So desperate to sell, his unpopular Muslin ban

He scares people into acceptance, wherever he can

From a Swedish documentary, he obtained his news

And went off script, to voice his views

It was a film, that linked their rise in crime

To their generous migration policy, but no specific time

Was actually mentioned as there was no incident

But this information, was enough for the President

Who thinks his intelligence briefings, comes from the TV

It’s all pretty dangerous, you have to agree

What did really happen, in Sweden last week

Were road closures due to weather, of which the media did speak

And a man from Stockholm, set himself alight

And another was killed, in a workplace fight

A suspected drunk driver, by a police car was chased

And technical problems in rehearsal, a famous singer faced

What’s he been smoking?’ asked the former Prime Minister

It’s certainly ridiculous, and also quite sinister

Asked to produce evidence, about the unreported attack

Trump said ‘I’ll provide a list later, with some feedback’

No terrorist incidents have been reported, since 2013

When their open door policy, was very first seen

He should separate, truth from lies’, said John McCain

And fact from fiction, before he speaks, he should attain’

He must answer himself for his statements, based on what facts

After contradiction after another, intelligence he lacks

Is this an example, of just another fabrication

That seems to be sweeping across this vast nation

Like the invented massacre, at Bowling Green

Cited by an advisor, it’s really quite obscene

Finally Trump claimed, his remark was based

On the Tucker Carlson show, but now he’s disgraced

Himself and his country, that the world sees as so strong

How could he get things, so terribly wrong?

Their Clothes Or Ours? (London Fashion Week)

Their Clothes Or Ours?farmed-fox

The beautiful people, will all be there

And the crowded audience, will gulp and stare

As beguiling bodies, both tall and slim

With swinging hips and long of limb

Strut their stuff, for all to see

And the onlookers, will gasp with glee

As they flaunt designer’s brand new styles

With made up faces and lipstick smiles

White teeth flash and long lashes blink

And on the catwalk, they turn and slink

To change their coats, made of seals

Long enough, to touch their heels

Into stoles of dogs and cats

Along with their fox skin hats

Raccoon tails, adorn leather belts

And soft fur shawls, from rabbit’s pelts

And then the latest trend of all

Is the small mink, tennis ball

Charm, to hang from any bag

Which comes with a pricey tag

This is all in the name of fashion

Do we really have no compassion

For all those animals, in misery confined

Is this the unthinking of mankind?

Fifty million animals, are killed each year

For coats, accessories and head gear

Raised on farms, behind bars they’re trapped

How on earth, can they adapt?

Forced to live, in space so small

Circling around, from wall to wall

Repetitive behaviour, drives them insane

Suffering in silence, with their pain

They chew their limbs, as they pace the floors

With frightened eyes and covered in sores

Until such time, as then they’re killed

And for their fur, their blood is spilled

Or they’re poisoned, or alive they’re skinned

And their innocent carcasses, are just binned

For one fur coat, it needs forty mink

Are we so ignorant and we not think?

Is the fashion industry, so out of touch

They think we all desire, so much

To dress ourselves, with their hide

And wear it with no sin, but pride?

This is not only, just the concern

Of animal activists, we should all learn

That this abhorrent industry, has to be stopped

With archaic attitudes, that must be dropped

There are a few, that have proved their worth

And understand their responsibility on earth

Like Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein

This is not their fashion line

Vivienne Westwood and Armani too

Are welfare conscious, with a view

That to create new designs, for their brand

They need to lead and make a stand

There are others too, I could mention here

That have chosen, to make it clear

That fur free fashion, is the way

Because the innocent, can’t have their say.

The Stranded Whales

The Stranded Whaleswhale

It has been recorded, throughout our history

But it still remains a mystery

Why these leviathans, of the deep water

Come to land and then to slaughter

Themselves, as their numbers rise

And we can only watch their demise

As frequently, we witness with concern

Their inability, to return

To deeper waters, to feed

So therefore we should heed

As these beasts, come ashore to perish

And we should then learn, to cherish

These mighty creatures, of our seas

And listen well, to their pleas

Are we responsible, for the cause

As to why they come, close to our shores

Is it due to underwater seismic surveys

And low frequency sounds, that plays

In interfering with their echolocation

Could certainly be, one explanation

Is it the accumulation of our daily waste

That we dispose of, in our haste

And pollutants, chemicals, acids and gas

That brings them ashore, en masse

The US Navy, plans to deploy

Seismic sonar, which may destroy

These animals, that have no notion

In over eighty percent, of their ocean

Or is it changes, to the earth’s magnetic fields

As the pressure, it therefore yields

Upon these disorientated mammals, of the deep

As they follow each other like sheep

Or are our military ships to blame

As they collide and continue to maim

So they come to shore and die

In their numbers, they’re forced to lie

Or are they fleeing, from a shark attack

And these social creatures, follow the pack

If one of their kind, signals distress

Instinct forces them to coalesce

Their water is derived, from their food

Therefore one can also conclude

That if their food, is in short supply

They will dehydrate and woefully die

So whilst it was not rare, at Farewell Spit

We all have to help, you have to admit

As the volunteers, formed a human chain

To encourage them to stay, in their domain

Those who helped, could hear their sighs

And their splashes and their youngsters cries

As on the sloping beach, they lay

Just beyond, the ocean’s spray

So with its long coastline and gentle beach

Their echolocation, did not reach

The object, which was the shoreline

Which would of course, be their sign

To not enter into waters shallow

To just become, decaying tallow

There is no answer, or definite reason

Why this devastation, seen this season

Is down to humans, as is normally the case

Or just the behaviour, of this incredible race.

The Yorkshire Man

The Yorkshire Man       sky

Everyone looks forward to making memories together

Come rain, come shine, whatever the weather

But sometimes, it doesn’t work out as we’ve planned

And the cards we’ve been dealt, are not the hand

We’ve assumed the path, our lives will take

And all our ideas, we may have to forsake

And we walk to road, that none would chose

When delivered a diagnosis, with the news

That one has a condition, that will change everything

With the pain and heartache and the tears it will bring

For this courageous man, I write these words

Whose love for his family, flies as high as the birds

With determination to never give in

And against all odds, he’s resolved to win

He’s a man from Yorkshire, who’s fighting a disease

That’s robbing his movement and his voice, it will seize

But with his strength of purpose, he remains steadfast

To fight this condition, he did not forecast

He knows he is already, losing his voice

So using technology, has become his choice

To preserve, how he sounds, for his girls and his wife

To remember him by, when he no longer has life

As one’s voice is as unique, as one’s face

He’s decided to record and to embrace

The help of thirty voices, that sound like his own

With its modulation, its rhythm and its tone

By moving his eyes and the use of infrared

He can spell out his words, which the computer speaks instead

But the beauty of this ability, is he keeps his identity

And doesn’t sound like a synthesized, generic non-entity

A preprogrammed voice, would just not be him

It would confuse his girls, which would be grim

So this machine makes all the difference in the world

For himself and his wife, but especially his girls

Diagnosed with MND, the cruelest disease

However much one prays, however much one pleas

It relentlessly progresses, as it steals one’s health

And carries on robbing, with its insidious stealth

But this concentrated man, has focused his mind

To not be its victim and has not resigned

Himself to be stopped in doing all the things

That makes him happy, that life brings

From zip wire and to driving, a Formula One

And flying a microlight, just had to be done

And tackling the terrain of the Yorkshire Moor

In his electric wheelchair, 4 x 4

He wants to make others more aware

Of this disorder, that’s so unfair

Six people in the UK, are diagnosed each day

And a third of these, in a year it will slay

So my thoughts and praise are with this man

Who against all odds, does what he can

Whilst he battles with this beast, he can’t control

But to enjoy every moment, now is his goal

I speak because I witnessed my father fight

This dreadful disease, with all his might

More money must be found, for a cure

So we all can be really sure

That this beast can be controlled

Before more stories like this, will be told.

Severing our ties

Triggering Article 5050

The road ahead for Britain’s unclear

The domino effect we may trigger they fear

For other nations to open the door

No State has left the Union before

So we’ll have a hard time, as we’ve betrayed

Our agreement with them, but our deals in trade

May come after talks with America and Japan

Australia and others, which is the plan

So whilst we have hopes, we also have fears

That the agreements we make, will take many years

Untying the UK, is the easy bit

The future’s uncertain, you’ve got to admit

So whilst Brussels tries to hold the project together

We’re breaking our ties and starting to sever

And forging ourselves a brand new identity

And the world sees us, as a separate identity

But we cannot have talks, with other nations

And agree our trade deals, to build new foundations

These conversations, will not be allowed

Until such time, we’re no longer part of the crowd

Free movement and control of migration

Is one of the reasons why this small nation

Voted for Brexit and controlling our borders

And not having to listen to Brussel’s orders

But Britain doesn’t have a written constitution

Leaving the Government free to decide the solution

Without asking the public, there’s the air of hypocrisy

It’s a matter of old fashioned, British democracy

Going back on our promise, will have repercussions

They’ll be many talks and many discussions

Before Britain’s exposed to more globalization

To reap any benefits for our nation.

So MPs have agreed, to set in motion

Article 50, without any notion

Of the time it may take, to work things through

They voted to trigger, without a real clue

Many may wish, that Britain had stayed

And many will be nervous and may be afraid

It’s a one way street, there’s no turning back

So let’s all hope, we’re on the right track

So do we want to be like Singapore

A global trading hub the Rights will adore

And will Brexit be Thatcher’s revenge

One way or another, we’ll know in the end.