The Day Trump Met May

The lady in red, in her kitten heels theresa-may-donald-trump-4

Smiled as he confirmed their future trade deals

‘We’ll work it out together, both me and you

There really is life, outside the EU.’

‘We will strengthen our special connection

And the world will see our unique affection

We can pride ourselves on our ethics and morals

We won’t just sit back on our laurels.’

‘I am a people person, I think you are too

Let’s show them all, what we can do

The world can watch, as we work things out

And Brexit’s just great, I have no doubt.’

Brexit will be wonderful, for your nation

And your people will forget their frustration

When they watch the new Maggie and Ron

And your days of uncertainty, will be gone.’

‘I know that the UK’s economically unsound

And leaving the EU, will weaken your pound

Negotiating from a position of weakness

But I still love the UK and its uniqueness.’

‘I do support Nato, one hundred percent

But I still think too much money’s been spent

And the distribution of costs, really must change

I mean we’re actually supporting Ukraine.’

‘I believe that torture, absolutely works

Discouraging evil, from where it lurks

We should all fight, fire with fire

Otherwise the consequences will be dire.’

‘I love Mexico and I love its folk

And I’m really a decent kind of bloke

But we’ll continue to build our beautiful wall

Impenetrable, powerful and incredibly tall.’

They then shook hands, by Churchill’s bust

‘It’s only proper and fair and just

To reinstate it, in its rightful place,’

He said with a grin upon his face.

He then extended to her, his hand

For all to see throughout the land

The special relationship, so talked about

But the UK’s media, all started to shout..

‘Has Theresa become Trump’s Trojan horse

And Britain’s now only real recourse

Is to listen to the words, of a changeable man

Or is Theresa, Donald’s most favourite fan?’

‘You must come and visit our Queen’

She said, as he agreed with a beam

‘We must define our roles in the world.’

And their fingers remained tightly curled.

Has Theresa reduced her bargaining power

Let’s hope their relationship, doesn’t go sour

Or did she just want to be seen as nice

Maybe she did, but at what price.

‘They’ll be times we disagree’ she fawned

He tucked his speech in his pocket and yawned

He was bored, this mercurial man

With his somewhat short, attention span.

Does Britain look desperate, on the world stage

Or did we in fact manage to gauge

The measure of the White House’s new resident

The leader of the free worlds, forty fifth president.


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