My Ode to Climate Change..

polar-bearIce Caps

We watch as they collapse before our eyes
Melting fast, beneath the skies
The ancient glaciers rapid retreat
‘Nothing to do with us’ we bleat.

In the greenhouse of our making
The rise in temperature is breathtaking
Deforestation, continues fast
Arctic sea ice, will not last.

Coastal towns, will migrate
As waters rise, that will not wait
Our coral reefs require sunlight
With deeper waters, their future’s not bright

Marine species may become extinct
And the world has changed before we’ve blinked
Polar bears will lose their domain
And search for food in this new terrain

Glaciers weight puts pressure on rock
And as they melt, they will unlock
Tectonic plates, now free to slide
Their massive bulk will collide

The friction then will cause earthquakes
And volcanic eruption and magma flakes
And molten lava will spew high
And ash will rain down from the sky.

So for our future, we must make haste
And turn off our lights and reduce our waste
And support the development, of all things renewable
Surely this has to be so very doable.


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