The Albatross (3)

Silhouetted against many shades of blue,

above the drumming of the tide,

high on the thermals, it rides the winds,

in solitary flight, it soars and glides.


It scoops the surface of the sea,

with beak that skims, the surf that sings,

searching for the bounty that lies,

amidst the spray, with switch blade wings.


Its youngster waits on the distant shore,

for its catch of sandeels, squid and fish,

but this majestic glider’s sadly caught,

a poisonous, noxious and toxic dish.


Waiting patiently, with its beak aloft,

there is no promise of a bright tomorrow,

it’s fed a meal of plastic bottle tops,

we should hang our heads in sorrow.


This plastic waste from all our nations,

is carefully fed, from beak to beak,

to fill its belly and then cause starvation,

the future of this chick is bleak.


Every minute we dump a garbage truck

of plastic into, our oceans deep,

on currents it collects and spins, this muck,

our casual indifference, should make us weep.


We watch as they swoop to catch their prey

and soar above the mess we’ve made,

oblivious to those that we slay,

and mindless of those we’ve betrayed.


This then should be, our wake up call,

and for us to recognise the dreadful effects,

of our disregard, as we watch their downfall,

the albatross is around our collective necks.


All Hallows’ Eve


In the blackness of the night,

are their eyes watching you,

better stay at home tonight,

whilst the witches make their brew.


Are those shadows on the wall,

as the witches spells are cast,

will the monsters come to call,

with the ghosts from the past.


Was that sound, a fleshless fist,

knocking bonily on your door,

beneath the street lights in the mist,

do you think it’s all folklore.


Is that really a little elf,

crouching low inside your porch,

don’t go out and scare yourself,

if you do, just take your torch.


Is the bogeyman, watching you,

is he playing trick or treat,

in the shadows, just out of view,

in the quiet moonlit street!


Happy Halloween!

The Abseil

Spider Man

There was the sense of anticipation, in the air that day,

as they all waited, with, raised eyes,

under the Humber Bridge, in the wind they stood,

beneath the cold autumnal skies.


Gulls in their numbers, swirled over their heads,

silhouetted again the pale skyline,

as they watched from above, this unusual event,

that would soon make the news headlines.


Suddenly, there were, gasps from the crowd,

as Spider Man came into view,

over the side of the bridge he appeared,

dressed in his costume of red and blue.


The wind tugged at the wires, as he began his descent,

accompanied by his wife at his side,

just feet apart, they slowly dropped,

as his daughters watched on with pride.


The crowd then all cheered, as they reached the ground,

followed by, a Hip Hip Hooray!

There was laughter as their harnesses were unclipped

on this unusual Family Fun Day.


He’s my hero Dad,’ a little girl said,

as she watched him come down though the air

He’s amazing Dad,’ and she clutched his hand,

with her wide eyes, fixed in a stare.


This feat would have challenged any able bodied man,

but this Spider Man has Motor Neurone Disease,

when asked by the crowd, who’d assembled below,

he said, ‘It was just a breeze!’


Spider Man’s name is Jason Liversidge,

who is a man that is truly exceptional,

this was just another of his daring feats,

that is nothing short of incredible.


The collections went around, to raise the funds,

for this most terrible, cruel condition

and also for the Yorkshire Fire Fighter crew,

who helped bring Jason’s dream to fruition.


But it doesn’t stop here, as he now has plans

to be the fastest in a wheelchair,

he aims to speed, as quick as the wind

and we will all, most certainly be there!

‘Fall’ underwater


The rain was unrelenting as the roads became rivers,

the green space now concrete, it had nowhere to drain,

with wetlands paved over and neighbourhoods sprawling

with their asphalt walkways across the flood plains.


The rain was unrelenting, it was difficult to fathom,

in a city that had grown through developers’ greed,

as the tarmac kept spreading around the new buildings

did the Government really not think to take heed.

Falling prey to the financial lure of urban development

allowing its sprawl for only, short term gain,

leaving long term safety in avaricious minds

with no concern at all, for potential storms and rain.


The rain was unrelenting, reservoirs could not cope

and with failure to shore up Harris County’s coastline,

the water grew deeper as homes were flooded

and overnight Houston became the world’s headlines.


The rain was unrelenting, as properties were left empty,

with life threatening floods, as water continued to rise,

a situation, catastrophic and completely unprecedented,

the population of the fourth city, looked up at the skies.


The rain was unrelenting, in the world’s greatest nation,

was it a message, that from which, we all should learn,

as scientists predict that this weather should be expected,

as the planet warms up, must be a thought for concern.


The rain was unrelenting and in the glow of the media,

this unparalleled occurrence has hit the world’s news,

to global warming, this may be hard to attribute,

but environmentalists, most certainly have their views.


The rain was relenting as the flood water receded,

then began the search for those loved and lost,

was this then a sign that our climate is changing

and the beginning of a carbon pollution holocaust.

MND Global Awareness Day


But he could not hold on to time, but could only watch his decline

and of a cure he would dream, in his world of the silent scream.

And if life then assigned the card, had it given him no regard,

he had been dealt the joker, in life’s great game of poker.

And he walked the road that none would choose, but during this time he did not lose,

the ability to make us all laugh, however painful was his path.

But quickly ‘the beast’ took control, of his body, but not of his soul.

In those short months, when we all cried, his passion for life, never died.

My words are dedicated to those who can look, at the journey they face in their own life book

and with courage they strive, however hard, having been dealt Destinies card.

This beast MND, must be controlled, as more words like this will be told,

of lives within this savage cage, but here now I will leave this page.

The Bee All & End All



The Bee All & End All

He said,

Mankind will survive their disappearance for no more than five years

and our continuity depends on the health of our planet and its species,

there are no second chances and when they’re extinct, we’ll watch through tears

when it’s their end and no amount of our empty words and pleas

will bring them back.

Our world will be a very different place.

When the last one dies, will we open our eyes and no longer see

the species that played such a significant role, has left no trace

and within no time, our diet will be so bland, without the industrious bee.

We swallow the fruits of their labour, greedily, without much thought

that every third bite of food we eat, comes as a result of their productivity.

Foolishly, is honey the only gift they give, were we taught,

not that over 4000 vegetables depend on these pollinators activity?

This diligent group, so under threat, should be top of our list,

as without their earnestness we risk, losing all of our plants

that with their chivalrous stripes, they have gently kissed

and we run the danger of silencing their humming chants

in our gardens and flower meadows.

But it doesn’t just stop here.

With no flora to consume with their sustenance, all the beasts that rely

on this food will be affected and will also disappear

and without our intervention, they will also suffer and die.

So up the food chain this will have a knock on effect.

Our cattle used for meat and milk, eat lupins and alfalfa,

both of which depend on the pollination of this flying insect,

so when the last one buzzes its end, will we well up with nostalgia?

Instead we spray our crops freely with neonic pesticides

that are toxic to these creatures, in their coats of blacks and yellows,

as roaming they collect this lethal nectar, to then provide,

honey for their larvae, these foraging little fellows

transport it back to the colony to cause widespread death,

or when exposed to these chemicals, they forget their way back home

and become disoriented and insane and take that one last breath,

whilst their larvae wait for nourishment in the hexagonal honeycomb.

Neonicotinoids increases the effect of the varroa mite,

just 2,000 of them can kill a 30,000 colony

with viruses and disease, then this crab like parasite

is detrimental to the health of the helpful honeybee.

Well,’one asks ‘what can be done to help them in their plight?’

We should support our local farmers who grow organic,

do not use pesticides or chemicals in our gardens to fight

the weeds, leave them and make a colourful border that’s botanic.

Plant through the seasons to provide a year round bee habitat,

keep our lawns longer for shelter, don’t just cut our grass

in parts. These steps are small but will help us all combat

the decline of this, our allies. let’s face it, it’s not a lot to ask.

Heads Together


Just because you can’t see something is wrong,

because on the outside, a person looks strong,

doesn’t mean that everything on the inside is fine,

they’re maybe trying to hide any outward sign.

One in four people in the UK each year,

will suffer a condition that society fears,

it carries a stigma, it’s called Mental Health,

and it can creep up slowly with it’s insidious stealth.

It can destroy entire families and end people’s lives,

as into one’s life, it silently arrives,

regardless of age, gender or race,

with its secret, deceptive and noiseless embrace.

And as people suffer and are afraid to admit

and fear the prejudice, to be told they’re unfit,

so quietly endure their pain on their own

and live their lives, sad, lost and alone.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry,

are spearheading a campaign, that they hope will carry,

changes to societies, national perception,

about this condition and its ghastly deception.

They are keen to build on the great work that’s taking place

across the UK and are keen to erase,

the stigma attached to this silent condition

and with their involvement, have made it their mission.

In partnership with Charities with much knowledge,

have made it their goal and also they pledge

to enable society to realise it’s not wrong

and have used as a springboard, London’s Marathon

to heighten awareness and raise vital cash,

as through London’s streets, the runners did dash.

There are lots of ways, we can all get involved,

to ensure our nation’s perception’s dissolved.

For all who are interested, you can take a look

at ‘live’ conversations on Twitter and Facebook

and other media platforms, there’s news on their feeds

about how we can help, there’s plenty to read.

There are events going on throughout the UK,

which we can help with, if just for a day,

so let’s put our ‘Heads Together’ in this race

to make our society a more caring place.

100 Years


With its familiar sound and computerised voice

                              he said,

I believe the increasing risk of being wiped out

                             is high.’

The renowned theoretical physicist with brilliant brain in

                             his head

said, ‘Disaster, sudden nuclear war or asteroid strike from

                                  the sky,

   or climate change, a genetically engineered virus and

                              over population,

could mean Humankind has no future if we don’t forge new life

                                        in space.

With technological possibilities of plasma rockets and

                           human hibernation,

we have about 100 years if we want to survive, we need

                                 to embrace

 the ability to free ourselves from the constraints of a

                            dying planet,

or we will watch its cataclysmic end as we continue

                            to devour

       the resources from this ball of basalt rock

                          and granite,

         our mass extinction grows closer hour

                             by hour.

       Mother Earth is ending our tenancy and

                           calling time.

We humans are fundamental particles of nature, a

                        mere collection,

    the unsustainable rate at which we plunder

                           is a crime,

           is this the final preparation before

                           our rejection?

       But we will not be able to establish yet or

                             self sustain,

   colonies in space for approximately 100 years

                               at least,

 therefore we should be so careful in this period

                              and refrain

from our continued aggressive behaviour, it should

                                be ceased.

Coupled with the fast pace of technological growth we

                            may obliterate

      ourselves by nuclear or biological war and our

                            impending doom,

for all nations to form one world government’s too late,

                                     our fate

is becoming increasingly precarious, may this planet not become

                                        our tomb.

The development of Artificial Intelligence could spell

                                     the end,

           the daunting challenge for us is two fold as

                                      we create,

technology to enable us to leave our earth behind and

                                 to ascend,

              the peril that may be unleashed as


We’re already developing battlefield robots to make the

                            killing decision,

     without the need for humans being involved in

                                  the loop,

how long before a thinking machine masters and has

                                the vision

to become self protective and leave humankind out of

                                its group.

         So depart we must with this current rise

                               in robotics

           as humans we are limited by our slow

                      biological evolution,

         we are responsible for creating the demise

                             of antibiotics

              and our hopeless ability to end

                          our pollution.

     Let us hope we have time enough for science

                               to achieve,

 the ability for our species to escape this world and

                               to address,

    the daunting challenge ahead of us as we plan

                                    to leave.

The countdown’s started, Farewell Mother Earth, sorry for

                                     the mess.’

The Devil in The Deep Blue Sea


The water lapped gently at the gold shoreline

    sparkling as the sun lit it’s surface,

       the sand was washed, it was soft and fine,

          as they stood in Summer’s warm embrace.

The seabirds swirled in the breeze above their heads,

    silhouetted against the azure blue of the sky,

      the waves spread seaweed out like threads

          washing strands ashore, where it was left to dry.

It was an idyllic scene and a perfect day

    as they stood together, hand in hand

        in the warm air, just beyond the sea spray

           with their bare feet in the soft yellow sand.

But here lurked an invader that lived in the sea

    that was challenging nature with its size,

        it lured in creatures, that sheltered secretly

           out of the sight of large predator’s eyes.

Mussels, anemones, clams and seaweed

    gathered in the depths by this enemy,

        innocently together, as they came to feed,

            on this ominous foe with its coat of debris.

This adversary though, did not itself decide,

    to violate the ocean and take control,

       as it lethally spread itself in the tide,

          it had no motive or clandestine goal.

Trapped in a vortex, in the ocean’s waves

    swaths of plastic spun, where the winds converge

       circling and menacing, the blameless it enslaves

           with its evil grasp, to then submerge

into the depths like pepper in a stew

     in the water column, it hung suspended,

         increasing in size, this monster grew,

              its lethal reach becoming extended,

as another refuge truck of plastic is dumped.

    And every minute of every single day,

        into the sea it’s thoughtlessly pumped

             and soon it will outweigh

the fish population in a matter of years.

     Our shameless disposal of our disgusting waste

         should bring all of humankind to tears

               and for our negligence, we should be disgraced.

Our irresponsible, rabid, plastic consumption

      on our health, is having an impact,

          but we carry on polluting with our stupid assumption

              there is no problem, let’s not overreact!

Every piece of plastic that’s ever been made

     since the early nineteenth century’s still here,

         do we not think that we have totally betrayed

             our planet that we should all hold so dear?

And now it has entered our very food chain

     we should all be filled with concern,

        as we are now consuming fish that contain

             plastic and we’re at the point of no return.

The world’s oceans are drowning in our waste,

     do we think that this will all disappear,

          this is a problem that we have never faced

              and it will be here for hundreds of years.

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and even heart disease

     can be caused by plastic in our meals,

          as we continue unabated to pollute the blue seas

               this sickening dilemma relentlessly steals

our paradise that we are here to safeguard.

     Over ninety percent of seabirds, have in their gut

          plastic from our watery junk yard,

               we must stop our addiction to plastic now,


the greatest threat to our planet is our belief

     that someone else will save it,

         will we watch it all through the tears of grief

                and as guardians we are so unfit.

Their empty bottle lay on the wave lapped scree

     as they turned to leave the gold sands,

         the sky was blue above the turquoise sea

                and they’d finished topping up their tans.

Just one little bottle won’t make any odds

    is probably what they were thinking,

        let’s face it, it’s in the lap of the gods

              and they left paradise unblinking!

Earth Day

Earth image

Earth Day

After a devastating oil spill in 1969,

it prompted a US Senator in Wisconsin to raise

public awareness of our planet’s decline

and a day was then set for American’s to praise

and honour the world and celebrate its worth

and give inspiration to all future generations

by recognising the fragility of our Mother Earth

and now it’s observed by a hundred odd nations.

In 1970 upon the streets of the States,

20 million people throughout this great land,

held organised protests to demonstrate

against the planet’s atrophy. We should all understand

the threat that we cause was their plea.

By the end of the year, the first Earth Day had led

to the creation of the US Environment agency

with its passage for clean air and thinking ahead.

In 1990 Earth Day went worldwide

and lifted environmental issues on to the stage

and now we know more, it’s up to us to decide

how we protect our world in this age.

Education is the very foundation for progress

as we look towards our future and how changes affect

our livelihood. We must embrace and address

and not ignore the signs and neglect

how instrumental our role on this place we call ours

with its summer and autumn and winter and spring

and value our wildlife, our trees and our flowers

as the seasons rotate and with them they bring

their changes in climate, from hot to cold

and nature provides us food for us all,

as we watch the colours change from green, red to gold

and with it the sunshine and breezes and rainfall.

So this day reminds us that we have to protect

our home and provider and look after her well,

like planting of trees with the ‘Canopy Project’

and spend time enjoying the place that we dwell.

We should get outside and relish the fresh air,

maybe go to the coast and clean up our shores

by collecting the plastic and show her we care,

to ensure our children can value the great outdoors.